The Aims Of The School

 In Gaelscoil Thaobh na Coille we strive to  provide an excellent standard of education through the medium of Irish

This will be achieved by:

  • Cultivating a positive attitude and love of the Irish language and culture, in the pupils.
  • Paying due regard to the development of each area of the curriculum: the languages, Irish and   English; Mathematics; Social, Environmental and Scientific Education; Art Education; Physical Education; Social, Personal and Health Education; and Religious Education.
  • Trying to enable the pupils to reach a high standard in Irish and in English by the time they leave the school.
  • Giving the pupils every opportunity to reach the highest of standards in reading, writing and arithmetic.
  • Creating an environment in which the pupils can express themselves through different media – for example music, art, sport, dance, drama etc.

Specific Aims

  • That the pupils will enjoy school life.
  • A high standard of behaviour will be demanded. Ensuring that pupils are kind considerate and well mannered at all times to other pupils, teachers and visitors, so that there will be a positive atmosphere of co-operation in the school. (see code of behaviour)
  • The development of self-confidence and self-esteem in the pupils.
  • The development of good interpersonal skills.
  • Placing emphasis on good listening skills, enabling the pupils to listen attentively and with consideration.
  • Emphasis placed on competent and effective communication skills.
  • That the pupils attain the highest standard according to their ability.