Board of Management

Term of Office : December 2019 – November 2023

Bord Bainistíochta 2019 – 2023

A Board of Management took up office on the 09 December 2019. Attached is a newsletter containing a brief description of the role of the Board and a short profile of the Board members.

Newsletter -  2019 – 2023  Board of Management

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Nuachtlitir 06 Bord Bainistíochta

Board Members

Principal: Emer Nic Chonchradha

Teachers’ Representative : Máire Mhic Gabhann

Patrons’ Pepresentative : Máire Mac Gabhann & Turlach Ó Meachair

Parents’ Representatives :  Joe Ó Glacáin & Emma Ní Lionnáin

Representatives from the Community : Sharon Ní Cheallaigh & Ailín Ní Dhomhnaill


Chairperson : Máire Mac Gabhann

Recording Secretary :  Máire Mac Gabhann

Treasurer :  Sharon Ní Cheallaigh


Term of Office : December 2019 – November 2023

The present Board of Management  took up office on 01/12/2019 and will remain in office until 30/11/2023

The composition of the Board of Management is as follows:

i. Two direct nominees of the Patron (proposed by outgoing Board of Management)

ii. Two parents of children enrolled in the school (one being a mother, the other a father) elected by the general body of parents of children enrolled in the school.

iii. The Principal Teacher of the school.

iv. One other teacher on the staff of the school.

v. Two extra members proposed by those nominees, described at (i) – (iv) above.

The Board of Management acts on behalf of the patron (An Foras Patrúnachta), and in accordance with the regulations of the Department of Education and Skills. It operates as ‘a corporate body’. This means that the board acts as one unit in terms of its function in addressing the business of the school. The elected parents and teacher, once elected, do not act in a representative or communicative role.

Each member of the Board of Management should uphold and support the ethos, culture and traditions of the school, be aware of his/her collective and individual responsibilities,  have a specific role/function in the management of the school, support new members in understanding the functions of the board, and the relationship between the board and the    pupils, teachers, staff, parents, patron and the Department of Education and Skills.

It must be noted that Board of Management meetings in schools under the patronage of  An Foras Patrúnachta must be conducted through Irish and therefore all Board members are required to have a working knowledge of Irish.