The e-car is the next generation. It will change things as we now know it. The e-car is better for the environment as it runs on electricity and not fossil fuels. It is even better still if the electricity we generate is generated naturally; ie wind energy etc.


The e-car is quieter than any other cars because it has no engine. As the e-car has no exhaust it doesn’t emitfumes into the environment. It is cheaper and more efficient to run as it runs on electricity. But that’s not all. You can buy a sports model of the e-car if you like! The sports model called the Tesla, is an electric car that looks like a Lotus Elise! Other e-cars such as the Renault Fluence or the Nissan Leaf will come on the market in 2011.

In the future petrol stations will have recharging stations for the e-car: a process which is similar to recharging your mobile phone, but on a bigger scale! There will also be some recharging stations on the side of the road. It takes twenty minutes to recharge at recharging stations and seven hours to recharge at home. The e-car can travel for approximately 100km on a full battery.


The petrol car and the diesel car will be gone soon because fossil fuels will run out. If there are any such cars left in Ireland it will be too expensive to import the last of the fuels from overseas countries. The e-car is here and it’s here to stay!               

Written by: Matthew Deering & Kelvin Mac Ruairí R6