2016 Proclamation

As part of the 1916 commemorations all schools in Ireland were asked to write a ‘Proclamation for a New Generation’. Using the 1916 proclamation as a foundation, the pupils of R5 and R6  discussed this topic in depth in their classes and a sub-committee,  with representatives from each class was formed to bring together all the pupils ideas and put them in writing in a new Proclamation for 2016. Under the guidance and help of an Múinteoir Fiona Ní Chléirigh ‘Forógra 2016 Ghaelscoil Thaobh na Coille’ came into being. The aim of the project was that our young people would come up with a new proclamation which reflects their vision for a modern Ireland, which embraces people from many nations and cultures.

Both Proclamations, The 1916 Proclamation & the 2016 Proclamation are hanging up in the school hall for all to see.




Men, Women and Children of all Ireland:

To honour the generations who have preceded us, we the pupils of Gaelscoil Thaobh na Coille, would like to express our deepest gratitude to our ancestors who preserved our culture and national language down through the generations. We fervently believe in and are deeply proud of this rich heritage of ours and our native language, Gaeilge, which lies at its very core. We understand now that it is our duty to continue to pass these traditions onto future generations.

We understand that the future of our country is our responsibility. We shall endeavour to elect an honest and effective government that will strive to make decisions for the benefit of the entire country and all its citizens.

Our health system is a great cause of worry to us. We request that more money should be invested in a comprehensive health programme to be taught in every school in the land. This programme would inform students of the danger and harm of substance abuse.

We acknowledge the right of every citizen to have a home and fair rent according to their income.

We demand more investment in Irish made products which will in turn create more jobs within our country.

We believe in the right to equality and opportunity for all the people of Ireland regardless of ethnicity, belief, class, sexual orientation or age. They should be entitled to pursue a happy life and follow their dreams without condemnation, prejudice or injustice.

It is important for us as a school to acknowledge the right of all children to free education at primary and secondary level and we recommend that third level fees be dependent on income.

We declare the right of everyone in this country to feel safe and secure in their homes and while going about their daily lives. To this end, and in an endeavour to prevent further crime, we propose the setting up of an armed police force. We claim as a right, without further delay, that our streets be cleared of criminal activity.

We promise to accept responsibility for environmental care. We will continue to reduce, reuse, recycle. Fossil fuels are becoming scarce and are non-renewable. We therefore need to learn more about alternative, renewable energy and to harness the power of the sun, wind and tides. We understand that we are duty bound to preserve the environment for future generations.

We accept responsibility, as an important member of the European Union and a member state of the United Nations, to promote dialogue, peace and co-operation amongst all the nations of the world in relation to human rights, security and development.

We support the refugees who needed to flee their native homes due to endless conflict. We recommend that they be dispersed, per capita, across all European countries. We suggest that they are given refuge and free housing for one year to afford them the time and opportunity to integrate and enhance that society.

We hope to achieve our goals and to continue to strive relentlessly for the benefit of our country and her diverse population.

Signed on behalf of the pupils of Gaelscoil Thaobh na Coille      15 Márta 2016

Sophie Nic Aogáin                   David Bosch              Síofra Ní Dhonnchú               

James Ó Duibhleach              Giulia Nic Eoin         Neasa Ní Mhathúna           Macdara Ó Raghallaigh