Parking & One Way System

We operate a one way system in the car park. It was put in place primarily to facilitate the flow of traffic and to ensure the safety of the children as they disembark from cars and walk over to the school yard.

There are two gates to the school. One entrance (ISTEACH) & one exit (AMACH).

There is a one way system in operation. Enter by the furthest gate and exit by the gate  nearest to Belarmine estate

The speed limit in the car park is 10 mph.

Parents/minders may park in the parking spaces (24)  beside the basketball courts.

Park only in designated areas. Do NOT park on any footpath or grass verge.

Cars dropping off children may stop briefly beside the disabled parking spaces to allow children to disembark (drivers should not leave their cars)

DOUBLE PARKING to the front of the school, for any length of time is NOT PERMITTED, at anytime during the day.

Parking in the car parking spaces TO THE FRONT OF THE SCHOOL is reserved for SCHOOL STAFF ONLY

Please adhere to the parking & one way system.

Parking for Parents of Junior Infants on morning of 01/09/2017

In order to ease traffic congestion on the first morning back to school (Friday 1st September 2017) parents with children starting in junior   infants will be permitted to park in the school yard that morning. Parents with children in other classes are advised to find a ‘legal’ parking spot out side the school and walk into school with their child/children. The pupils from N2 to R6 will congregate on the all-weather yard on that day. Junior Infants and their parents will congregate on the yard in front of the school yard. This parking arrangement will only be in place on the first  morning.