Zoe Conway & John Mc Intyre

Feabhra 2018

On the 22nd of February we were extremely lucky to welcome Zoe Conway and John Mc Intyre to the school where they performed a concert of traditional music for the pupils of Rang a 3 to Rang a 6. Zoe and John are renowned musicians and both excel in several genres of music.

 Zoe plays the fiddle and John plays the guitar and they also manage to  throw in the odd song here and there! During the concert we were treated to a mixture of Irish traditional music, jazz, classical music as well as some bluegrass. Zoe is known worldwide for her work with ‘Riverdance’ and John is a member of the well known band ‘The Revs’.

The concert was thoroughly enjoyed by all in attendance and Zoe and John were happy to answer all the pupils questions  at the end of the session. We feel extremely privileged to not only have had them to play for us in Gaelscoil Thaobh na Coille but for the children in the banna ceoil to get to play with them too.