RSE Busy Bodies

RSE R5 & R6 : Sensitive Modules

Sensitive Modules

The following modules, taught in 5th and 6th class are recognised as requiring particular sensitive treatment:

Growing and Changing

The Wonder of New Life


Experienced professionals from ACCORD are usually brought into school for a day to cover these sensitive topics with the pupils of fifth and sixth class. Unfortunately, due Covid-19 they were unable to do so this year.

It is important that you now sit down with your child and cover these topics with them. Even if you have covered them before is an opportunity to go over it and to reinforce everything you have told them before – you would be surprised how much they may or may not understand.  The Busy Bodies programme is a really useful resource that will guide you through the information on the physical and emotional changes that children may experience during puberty and adolescence, that your child will need to know. It is clear, concise and matter of fact.

Please find below more information about the ‘Aistear na nÓg’ Programme and a link to the booklet and accompanying videos. Also included is a link to a booklet for parents ‘Making the ‘Big Talk’ many small talks’.

These resources are available in both Irish and English (these resources can be found at )

Busy Bodies : Aistear na nÓg

The Busy Bodies booklet and video segments provide information on the physical and emotional changes that children may experience during puberty and adolescence, to reassure them that puberty is a normal part of growing up.  Busy Bodies is a useful resource which may be used by parents, carers and teachers with children of approximately 8 to 12 years. In addition to being used in the home, Busy Bodies supports the teaching of the 5th and 6th class component of Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE) within the context of Social Personal and Health Education.

The Busy Bodies resources were originally produced by the Health Service Executive South working in partnership with the RSE Support Service, the National Parents Council (Primary) and the HSE Crisis Pregnancy Programme. The attached updated booklet is the 2020 edition. The video segments have not yet been updated but remain of value in teaching about early puberty and adolescence in the home and school setting.

There is a complementary background resource for parents and carers, ‘Making the Big Talk many small talks: 8-12 years’. This offers information on children’s relationship and sexuality development and signposts parents and carers to additional resources so that they can guide and support children and young people during the early stages of puberty and adolescence.

 Busy Bodies Programme Resources

Click on the attachment below to access the links for the Busy Bodies booklets and videos. 

Aistear na nÓg – Busy Bodies – Booklets & Videos


Busy Bodies Booklets

Treoirleabhar do Thuistí : Ag Déanamh Cómhráití beaga as an gComhrá Mór (8 – 12 bliana)

Parents’ Guide: Making the ‘Big Talk’ many small talks (8 – 12 years)

01 Making the ‘Big Talk’ into small talks 8-12

Busy Bodies – Caithreachas & Ógánacht

01 Ag déanamh comhráití beaga as an ‘gComhrá Mór’ 8-12

Busy Bodies – Puberty & Adolescence

Busy Bodies Videos

1. Busy Bodies – Introduction video

2. Busy Bodies – Changes at Puberty – video

3. Busy Bodies – What Happens to Boys? – video

4. Busy Bodies – What Happens to Girls? – video

5. Busy Bodies – How are Babies Made? – video

6. Busy Bodies – Looking After You – video