Graffitti Classics

Graffitti Classics came to the school to perform 2 concerts in the school on Wednesday the 16th of October 2013. The first concert which was held in the morning was for the pupils in Naíonáin Shóisearacha, Naíonáin Shinsearacha & Rang a 1. The second concert that was held after lunch was attended by the pupils of Rang a 2 to Rang a 6.

This crazy but fabulous & very talented quartet entertained the pupils with music from Beethoven to Brahms, opera to folk music. “Who thinks classical music is boring?” was the question the children were asked at the start of the concert..well we’ll see if you feel the same way at the end of the concert”. Suffice to say that everyone in the hall that day enjoyed the wonderful music and antics of Graffitti Classics!