An Ghaeilge

Irish is the language of instruction and the language of communication amongst teachers, children, management and parents / guardians (where possible) in Gaelscoil Thaobh na Coille.

• Irish is a living language within the classroom and without, in the schoolyard and in the vicinity of the school.

• Irish is the language of communication at social functions, sporting and drama occasions and any other activity where we are present as a school.

• All children are welcome in our school irrespective of linguistic background. Irish is the only language spoken to the child when he/she comes to school for the first time and there on after. We use the early total immersion method of language acquisition and English is not taught until senior infants.

• We ask parents and everyone who is involved with the school to help us as we strive to create our own ‘Gaeltacht’ in the school and in our locality.

• We would encourage the use of Irish in the home whenever possible – it doesn’t matter if it only includes a cúpla focal, short phrases or sentences here and there. A positive attitude towards Irish in the home as well as in the school, is of great help to us and to the child attending our school.

• If a parent / guardian wishes to speak with the class teacher during class time, they must be willing to do so ‘as Gaeilge’.