FRIENDSHIP was the theme of the assembly that was held in February for the junior classes (N1 – R2).

With the children’s help the characteristics of a good friend was discussed.

C – Ceoladh: She is a kind (CINÉALTA) and helpful (CABHRACH) friend.

A – Alex: He has a friendly face (AGHAIDH) and a beautiful (ÁLAINN) personality.

I – Iarlaith:  He is very (IONTACH) friendly.

R – Ruairí: He is very good at sharing (ROINNT) with other children.

D – Daniel: He is a nice (DEAS) friend and he is close friends (DLÚTHCHARA) with Dara.

E – Eimear: She is adventurous (EACHTRÚIL), knowledgeable (EOLASACH) and listens (ÉISTEANN) to her friends.

A – Ally: She has a friendly face (AGHAIDH) and has a beautiful (ÁLAINN) personality.

S – Sam: It’s thoughtful (SMAOINTEACH)